Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Definition of Cyberpreneurship

Cyberpreneurship is a step or a way to promote a product / service via internet technology. in this business venture and promoted using electronic brochures, known as the homepage on the internet. or cyberpreneurship is an entrepreneurial spirit that utilizes the Internet media. Cyberpreneurship also be interpreted as tips to seek business opportunities by utilizing the technologies available on the internet.

Use of Information

Utilization following:

1. Informatics is an integral part of human life, even become a commodity industry, business information, media and telecommunications

2. ¨ Change (progress) in telematics technology have transformed the economic pattern, lifestyle and way of doing business is significantly

3. ¨ Use of the Internet in e-Business can significantly reduce the cost of business transactions and provide convenience in diversifying needs

4. ¨ Use of the Internet in e-Government has also been shown to improve the performance of government in the provision of government information and service delivery to the public and businesses.

5. ¨ Use of the Internet in e-Health, e-Education, and others have significantly added value to the community

6. ¨ influence further development of telematics implications for the economic transformation of the original pattern oriented "Supplier" towards the "Consumer".

7. ¨ Consumers can easily search and comparison to get the high quality products and competitive prices

8. ¨ telematics developments also affect the patterns and functions of government, from the start is own, develop and operate industrial, turned into policy-makers, donor regulations, monitoring and driving the development of the industrial sector.

So, the conclusion of the discussion can be said Cyberpreneurship efforts conducted through the medium of the Internet (HTTP) to make a profit

Variety of ways ranging from methods of marketing, use of technology, and the combination of both that gave birth to the term-term SEO (Search Engine Optimizer), Affiliate and Adsense

advantage of the internet as a medium is
1. there is no more distance, distance is no longer a problem.
2. efficient, time and energy less. except when you are beginning to do business online.

the advantages of the Internet as a medium that is capable of enhancing the competitiveness of a business.

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