Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Max Payne

Max Payne
Just another revenge-based action movie

Max Payne is a cop. His wife and son were killed by a group of people. He managed to kill two people, while there is one more person who is still free. He was a brutal and uncaring of others. All he cared about were to find the killer and take revenge.

Stories more details ... (Spoiler)
Max's wife, Michelle, used to work at Aesir Pharmaceuticals, a drug company. In the last project Michelle, Aesir Pharmaceuticals has created Valkyr, the drug that is destined for the army. Taking this medicine feel stronger and not easily tired. But the side effects are very dangerous, because it leads to hallucinations and addiction. Hallucinations were actually kill the addict. They imagine a black bersaya mythological creatures, Valkyrie, their prey, until someone actually died of falling from the building because it was trying to run away from Valkyrie.

The project was immediately stopped. However, the test subjects who had consumed even kill its scientists, in order to get the drug again (kaerna already addicted). Max suspect, Jack Lupino who killed his wife. Jack Lupino is a former soldier who was addicted to Valkyr too. He also became a dealer Valkyr.

Max helped by BB (former partner on the police force), killing Lupino. After a successful kill, Max even beaten and handcuffed by men BB. That's when the new BB nengakui, that it was he who killed Michelle, wife of Max. BB to do so could be a dealer dealers Valkyr, for a lot of money.

After this confession, BB insert the bottle into the pocket Valkyr Max, and intended to kill Max, that his death seemed like an overdose. But Max got away. He even drank this Valkyr, for his endurance (because at that time he was almost frozen drowned; fyi: This film set in the snowy winter). After taking the Valkyr, he became stronger and able to kill BB.

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