Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Eagle

The Eagle is a drama film set in the beginning of the 2nd century, precisely in the year 140 AD. The film is directed by Kevin Macdonald who had directed the movie 'The Last King of Scotland' and many documentaries. The story was adapted from a historical as well as an adventure novel written by Rosemary Sutcliffe called "The Eagle of the Ninth 'in circulation in 1954 ago.

The story in the film drama The Eagle began in 120 AD, when Flavius ​​Aquila (Aladar Lakloth), a commander in charge of the 5000 members of the Roman elite, took his army to the north. This elite squad known as the "Legion of the Ninth ', and had a golden eagle emblem in the form of the distinctive features and their pride. But on the way, precisely at a mountain in Scotland, they are known to mysteriously disappear without anyone knows what causes it, and what will happen to them after that.

Film drama The Eagle then jumps 20 years later, or more precisely in the year 140 AD, when a young Roman soldier named Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum) arrives from Rome to investigate the case of his father 20 years earlier. In addition to knowing what happened to his father and all his troops, Marcus is determined to restore the reputation of his father, while maintaining his family's honor. This is because after the loss of Flavius​​, family Aquila considered a loser.

The conflict in the film drama The Eagle began to focus when rumors circulated about the golden eagle emblem seen in the north. Marcus instinct as a child and a soldier were intrigued. Although the emblem is said to be in the temple held a wild tribe, Marcus undaunted determination and establish steps find the emblem. He was determined to bring the Ninth Legion's emblem back to Rome, as well as find out what happened to my father and 5000 of his men.

To accelerate its mission, the film tells the drama The Eagle Marcus was accompanied by a British slave, Esca (Jamie Bell). Together, they rode an adventure in northern Scotland without knowing what to expect. Terrain they had to go to save a mysterious force, and at times can be fatal. Marcus was not only the challenge of the wild tribes encountered along the way, but also have to face another fact that would surprise him, and pressed his soul.

Little by little, the veil of mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Ninth Legion was revealed. Marcus was aware of a connection between the loss of his father as well as the forces are kept secret by the slave consort far, Esca. It works Marcus find the truth? Can he escape the deadly siege on him? What exactly happened to the Ninth Legion? As well as Esca who exactly? The answer is you have to find yourself while watching a film drama The Eagle is in cinemas nearest you.  


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