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The Battle of Red Cliff

Red Cliff is one of two films about the Three Kingdom which aired in 2008. The film was budgeted at approximately $ 80 million and is the most expensive Asian film based on the theme of The Battle of Red Cliff (Chibi) that occurred at the end of the Han dynasty. Red Cliff directed by renowned director John Woo and divided into two series, each of which was released in July 2008 and January 2009 because of a long duration, which is 4 hours.

Overview reminder story of Red Cliff 1:

Initially there are three parties: Cao Cao (with the number of troops at most), Sun Quan and Liu Bei. Sun Quan has named Prince strategist Zhao Yu. While Liu Bei has named strategist Zhuge Liang. It is believed that Cao Cao attacked Sun Quan Sun Quan's wife because of love, as well as to seize territory Coral Red.

Because both want to defeat Cao Cao, Sun Quan asked for help Liu Bei. They were allied to fight against Cao Cao.

Red Cliff 2 synopsis:

Shangxiang Sun, Sun Quan's sister, disguised as a man and becomes a spy among Cao Cao's forces. The film begins with the number of soldiers who died of Cao Cao attacked by typhoid outbreak. Shangxiang sent word via carrier pigeon plague. But Sun Quan to attack Cao Cao refused, because he thinks it is not ethical to attack when they are sick soldiers.

Cao Cao, a cunning instead sending troops bodies using a raft to the Sun Quan. As a result, many soldiers Sun Quan also affected typhoid. Liu Bei not hold with the least healthy soldiers. According to him, they will not win. Since then, Liu Bei alliance stop them, and decided to go back to their territory. But Zhuge Liang (Liu Bei's strategist) refused to come home. He wants to finish what he started.

Possible Sun Quan wins becomes smaller again. Army they were only about 30 thousand people, and the army had to fight Cao Cao is 100 thousand. Moreover, their weapons are running low. They ran out of arrows.

Full story ... (Spoiler)

Zhuge Liang made an agreement with Zhao Yu. In 3 days, Zhuge Liang will bring 100 thousand arrows. If it fails, Zhao Yu will cut off his head. Instead, Zhao Yu also need to be able to kill generals strategist Cao Cao (forgot his name who). If it fails, head Zhao Yu to be beheaded.

Here ya, really cool ... Zhuge Liang brought some boats lined and filled with straw effigy of straw. With the help of a thick fog, the ship they are not clearly visible to Cao Cao's army. General Cao Cao expecting the enemy to attack, therefore, he was ordered to shoot at them casually. The arrows stuck in the straw, dah Zhuge Liang managed to come home with 100 200 arrows.

A messenger Cao Cao was little friend Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu came to ask for surrender (because it is lost in terms of the number of troops). Zhao Yu deliberately set him up, by "accidentally" dropped the fake letter. The letter is a handwritten replica strategists general Cao Cao, who mengatakah that he would kill Cao Cao.

Because the exact same handwriting, plus the general neglect of the stolen bow, Cao Cao decides to chop the generals. This resulted in loss of Cao Cao strategists who know about the characteristics of the weather.

West wind was blowing hard. This is very beneficial side Cao Cao. He can attack with fire. The fire will quickly burn Sun Quan ships coming from the opposite direction. But according to Zhuge Liang, the wind will soon change direction, which is about 1 hour dawn. So like it or not, they must wait until the wind changed to east winds, so that Cao Cao's army caught fire.


To gain time, quietly Xiao Qiao, the wife of Sun Quan Cao Cao went to the region. Because Cao Cao was loved, he was accepted. And they chat-chat. Xiao Qiao requested that Cao Cao was not attacked, for humanitarian reasons. But Cao Cao refused.

Just before going to attack, Xiao Qiao Cao Cao invited for tea. He deliberately spoke at length in order to trigger the wind direction changed. The wind was changed at 2. That's when Sun Quan attacked soldier.

Ending ...

Apparently, Liu Bei did not give up. Resignation from the union just a strategy to trick Cao Cao. Soldiers Liu Bei Cao Cao's camp was attacked from behind, while Sun Quan's army attacked from the front.

The war was won by Sun Quan and Liu Bei. Xiao Qiao was returned safely home. The film ends with a conversation between Sun Quan and Zhuge Liang. They ended their partnership. Sun Quan said that one day they will face each other, because of course Liu Bei did not want to be the best number 2.

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