Tuesday, July 24, 2012


IP Man
Derived from the life of Bruce Lee's kung fu teacher

There is a city in China, which is very well known as a center of learning Wing Chun martial arts. There are many martial arts clubs. Best people there, Ip Man, do not even want to raise anyone be a student. He wanted to have practiced by martial arts masters, and even he wants to keep winning, so the teacher is not shy in front of his students.
Ip Man was very humble and nationalist. He has a wife and son are still small. She wants to help others, whether aid money, and safety (martial arts).
Full story ... (spoiler)
War occurs. Japanese controlled China. Ip Man becomes poor. Because it never works (he just mastered kung fu, no other skills), Ip was not able to find the money to eat. Eventually he worked as construction laborers who are paid little.

During the Japanese occupation of China, there is one general who is passionate about martial arts. He's very Japanese martial master, and he challenged the Chinese people to come to the training. If the Chinese could win against the disciples of the General, the person will be given a gift bag of rice.

Ip Man refuses to seek rice this way. He did not want to challenge Japan. But when he knew, there was his friend who was killed by men Si-General, Ip Man soon come to the gym and challenged 10 people at a time to beat.

Ip Man wins, but he will not accept gifts rice. He just left. Because amazed by the greatness of Ip Man, the General asked him to teach the Japanese martial arts Wing Chun. Ip Man refused. Nationalist attitude make him not want to help Japan. He even challenged the General to fight.

They were fighting. And Ip Man wins. Seeing Gen. losing, his men shoot Ip Man. But the shot was only exposed shoulders. Ip Man brought the wounded managed to escape to Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, Ip Man opened the martial arts. And one of his students was Bruce Lee.

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