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Since setting this movie happened before the first Underworld movie, so make the ga never watched before, so ga influence as well.

The vampires enslaved the Lycan. Lycan himself is half-werewolf, half-human beings: humans can be bitten by a Lycan werewolf. The vampire put a padlock on the Lycan necklace, so they can not change into a wolf. Lycan assigned as protective vampire army. But the Lycan forbidden them to go out of the palace, and they are prohibited from removing the padlock necklace.

Viktor is a Lycan Lucian confidence (elder / leader kaun Vampires). Secretly, Lucian love affair with Sonja, the daughter of Viktor. Lucian managed to make a duplicate key to the padlock necklace, and intended to escape from there. He did not want to continue to be treated as slaves. He asked that Sonja join him. But Sonja refused, he instead asked that Lucian should never go.

One day, the vampires are waiting for the arrival of humans. Some vampire army duty toward them in the middle of the road. Sonja also participated, although already prohibited by Viktor and Lucian. On the way, they were confronted by a lot of pure werewolf (note: this is different from the werewolf Lycan, as Lycan could turn into a human. But when a wolf, werewolf and Lycan exactly the same form).

With the smell, Lucian knew that the werewolf so much, and the vampires will not be able to resist. Lucian immediately ran out of the palace to save Sonja. In desperate circumstances, when the vampires had almost lost, Lucian opened her necklace, and he turned into a werewolf in the moonlight. The werewolf Lucian obedient, and stop attacking.

Full story ... (Spoiler)

Viktor, and officials came as vampires. Viktor Lucian very direction because the necklace off, even though it was done in order to help Sonja. Lucian flogged 30 times, and was jailed.
In prison, Lucian meet human Nobleman (note: throughout the film, the Nobleman's ga tau given name, was called by the Nobleman, of the human clan). Nobleman, and a few other people who were jailed, forced subsequent bitten by a werewolf on orders Viktor, that they turned into a Lycan to be enslaved by it as well. In prison, the Lycan Lucian also provoke another, to unite as a Lycan, do not want to continue to be treated as slaves and entertainment vampires.
Since provocation is considered dangerous, Viktor decided to kill Lucian. Sonja knows this, and asked for help Tannis (one confidant Viktor). Instead, Sonja will give her seat on the board of vampires. Viktor gave key necklace on Lucian, Lucian and Sonja after escape plan. In 3 days, Sonja will meet Lucian where indicated.
Lycan Lucian and some escaped. Outside the palace, they gather forces: change the people who are willing to be a Lycan. Meanwhile, at the palace, Viktor knew that Sonja has helped Lucian blurred. Viktor furious, Sonja locked up in her room and can not be everywhere.
After 3 days, Sonja did not come to see Lucian. That comes even Luka, an envoy Viktor, Lucian used to trap. Luka says that Sonja would be killed. Viktor went straight to the palace to save Sonja.

In the palace, Viktor army was ready. They fight, and even Sonja also fights against his own father. There, Sonja admits that she was pregnant with Lucian. Viktor angrier. Lucian and Sonja were arrested. Because very angry, Viktor agrees to execute his own son.

Sonja was killed in front of Lucian. He is in expose to sunlight (vampires burn when in contact with sunlight). Lucian can not do anything about it, because he was chained. Nightfall. Viktor Lucian came to kill him. But the roof of the room has not been closed (after killing Sonja). Because no moon, Lucian could turn into a werewolf. Lucian fled out of the palace.

The Lycan attack the palace. In the end, the vampire loses. Viktor lost when the fight with Lucian, and splashed into the water. Ga ga ato diceritain he died, but certainly still alive, because in the first Underworld movie, Viktor's is still there. The palace was occupied by vampire Lycan.

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